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     Pangarap Na Bituin 

The Jewel sisters, a singing popstrio who will walk the loyal yet sometimes rocky road to fame. after the tragedy that left their biological parents seemed dead,Sapphire,Emerald,and Rudy are accidentally separated from one another but one dream will make their paths cross, and together, they will make music  that fans all over the country will deeply adore at first, they will all think that their love for one another a sister will see them through the challenging life as celebrities. But little did they know that there is more to dream than the wealth and glory. Sapphire is willing to do what ever it takes to get a head and with Terrence Rodriguez, Emerald falls in love with Terrence, but the manipulative manager Alberta will stand against their love. But, emerald and Terrence became girl friends and boyfriends without anyone knowing except for Cocoy, adoptive father of Emerald, Rudy will battle with her own insecurities to again in the self-esteem she need. During the last episode, Bridgette Ramirez revealed the real Sapphire Gomez and the real mother of the the jewel sister. Also Bridgette now knows that her father dies because of Lena, the impostor mother of the three, after incidents, the jewel sisters are together with their mother Jade Gomez, planned to have a concert. And this concert is the happiest moments together as a family, and ruby and jeffery are became boyfriend and girlfriends while Alberta Tuazon apologize to her husband and they live happily ever after. Emerald a sweet yet tough 19 years old who aspires to become a singer after being orphaned when she was a child, Emerald reunited with her two sister: Rudy & Sapphire, and they will be known as the Popstar trio, the jewel sisters. And the also fell in love with her best friend, Terrrence the handsome and talented rockstar he was a comic yet serious childhood friend of Emerald, until he was taken by his aunt Alberta. Terrence lated met Emerald and he helped her become a famous singer, and eventually fell i love with her Bridgette is the Sapphire's impostor, she's hired by Alberta Tuazon to be pitted against Emerald and Rudy in return of her father's medical assistance. Rudy is youngest among the jewel sisters. She was adopted by Berns Bautista who named her as Kimberly Bautista. But her dream of becoming a singer will lead her to Emerald and Sapphire,Rudy in nature, but her insecurities regarding her voice will be her greatest obtacle in life. Jeffrey, Alberta and Benedict Tuazon and cousin/ half brother of Terrence. Jeffrey also dreams of becoming a singer and he also become Rudy's boyfriend. Chorva, the bubby and supportive best friend. Lated adopted by the Gomez Family in the penultimate episode. She will secretly find away to destroy emerald's career to keep the young sister away from Terrence it was later revealed that she's the real mother of Terrence. Cocoy, an Ngo worker who adopted Emerald. Being an erst while, Cocoy will train and encourage Emerald in becoming a successful singer a loving and devoted father Cocoy  will see Emerald through her jounrney to fame. Lena, the woman hired by Alberta to pose as the mother of the Jewel sisters she will become the manager of the three, although the job will prove to be beyond her abilities. Lena is Jade Gomez's imposter she is mental her best friend says. Berns, Rudy's adoptive father who renamed her Kimberly. As a showbiz reporter, Berns always brings Kimberly to showbiz gatherings hoping the child will be discovered and become a singer Atty. Benedict, A respect able  lawyer and husband of Alberta but he is unware of his wife's  dark secrets. Cassie, Terrence and Emerald are meant to be alive after years of disappearance in the philippines. Her character was reintroducer living in Canada. Sapphire, the eldest of the jewel sisters,  the true sister of Emerald and Rudy. When her parents died, Sapphire was serapated from her sister. She will eventually discover her true identity and reunited with her two younger sister, Emerald & Rudy, her character was dicovered in a  Mental institution where her impostor performed Sapphire was later reunited with her family. Jimbo, Terrence's biological father, grand mother of the Jewel sisters. Abby, one of Alberta's talents. Buboy, Terrence's handler, Alberta staff member. Louie, cassies's father and the producer of emerald's first single. Karen, friend of berns who posed as his partner during the adoption of Rudy. Ander, Alberta's sister in laws. Mother Rose, the mother superior of the orphange where Terrence, Rudy and Emerald stayed. Young Rudy was played and roled by Phebe Khae also known as Phoebe Kay Arbontante, She was the youngest daughter under the big track during the Mayon Volcano erupted and she was adopted by Berns when Cocoy gave Emerald, Terrence and Rudy herself to "Bahay Ampunan".

  Bituing Walang Ningning
     Emilio and Rosa Mia are loving couple expecting their first child Rosa Mia is an aspiring singer, working at cheap bars to earn a living while Emilio is security guard where Rosa Mia works. When the Bar owner learns of their relationship and Rosa Mia's pregnancy, talk show host fires them from the club leaving them jodless and destitute. But although poor, they remain optimistic about their future together. One night, as Emilio was out job hunting, Rosa Mia starts to labor. with no one to help, she runs out in the pouring rain get to the hospital. 

    Fortunately, Emilio arrives and sees Rosa Mia struggle tag, but by then, it's too late to go to the hospital and Rosa Mia gives birth to a baby girl out in the streets. They name the baby Emilia Rosa. Emilia Rosa develops lung problems and this causes her to be sickly and be in and out of hospital. Desperate because of rising hospital costs, Rosa Mia accepts a month-long singing engagement in Cebu, leaving Emilio to take care of the baby on his own. So when out on his new  job as a security guard in another club. 

     Emilio brings his baby with him  but on one occasion his boss sends him off to deliver a package in a different club. while on this errand, Emilio leaves the baby with an acquaintance because he can't bring the baby inside with him. This is Adora, a Rose outside the cluds of Malate-Adora agreed to take care of the baby for a new minutes, waiting outside the outside for Emilio to return. Unknown to Adora, Emilio gets arrested inside the club because the package turns out to filled with drugs. Adora waits all night but Emilio never returns. Adora then brings the baby home with her, The loss of Emilia Rosa and Emilio's Subsequent imprisonment lead to bitterness and serapation between Emilio and Rosa Mia.    
     Adora on the other handfalls for the baby and decides to raise her as her own, calling her a Dorina, Dorina for short. Meanwhile, with the loss of her child Rosa Mia pours herself in her singing until she gets discovered by Lauro Calma, a record producer. He develops Rosa Mia to be a star, asking her not to revel to anyone that she's married and had a child. Rosa Mia agreed soon Rosa Mia rises to fame, and becomes the sensatinal diva. Dorina & Lavinia. Dorina grows up to be happy child with Adora. they both enjoy music and are big fans of Rosa Mia meanwhile, another up and coming singer emerges in the scene she is lavinia. her ambitious mother, Barbara tells Lavinia to be friend Rosa Mia takes Lavinia under her wing, seeking a replacement for the daughter she pines for even after so many year. With Rosa Mia's help, Lavinia also becomes very popular but it's  not enough for Barbara. She wants Lavinia to be on top.

     So Barbara connives with Larry Calma, the son of Rosa Mia's manager Lauro. Larry wants to prove himself to his father so he handles Lavinia and Connives with Barbara to knock off Rosa Mia from the top spot, leaving Lavinia a the ultimate and most popular singer.Through intrigue and character assassination and popularty  so she turns her  back from showbiness and returns to singing in small clubs soon,Dorina  begins to idolize Lavinia, she goes to her idol and offer her Sampaguit. But Dorina also loves to sing. With the help of Adora and her bestfriend Oman, Dorina joins singing contests until she eventually wins in a nationawide and televised  singing contest gains the attention of all, including Nico Escobar, the boyfriend of Lavinia. Nico is in love with Lavinia. But it becomes clear that Lavinia is too involved in her career. She refuses to marry him for fear she she won't be as popular anymore. Bitter and angry, Nico plans to show Lavinia that her career should not be the most importanty priority in her life so he plans to develop another singer to compete with Lavinia and knock her out of the top spot. Nico uses Dorina to accoplish this. With his friend Zossimo,Nico puts up Zoni records to develop Dorina's singing career. 

     Soon after, Dorina finds herself admiring Nico and develops feeling for him, but she doesn't know how Nico feels about her Dorina's interest in Nico. Comes as a blow for her best friend Oman and her bandmate Gary who are both in love with Dorina. Soon, Dorina gains fame and Lavinia becomes threatened by this. After a big event. Lavinia becomes so enraged by Dorina's great performance and attention of all that she attacks Dorina and calls her a copycats. This then spurs Dorina to flight back. Nico and Zosimo find a song once compose by Rosa Mia before she left the music scene. They the song from Rosa Mia and ask her to help Dorina with her singing at first, Rosa Mia refuses after what appened with Lavinia. But eventually she can't resist Dorina and agrees to help her out.
      They soon become close not knowing of their real relationship with each other not long after, Emilio is released from prison with the goal of finding Adora and his daughter. He later succeeds and finds Adora, only to learn that his daughter is dorina, The signer he's  been admiring even when still in prison. Emilio then decides not to fell Dorina of their real relationship for fear of destroying Dorina's career and all that she has worked hard for. But to be close to his daughter, Emilio takes on a job as Dorina's Driver/ Body guard. Things are falling into place. Dorina is unwittingly with her real parents, Emilio and Rosa Mia, and it is only a matter of time for the truth to surface. This is Adora's dilemma will she gave. Dorina to her real parents or fight to keep her till the end? Lavinia is threatened by Dorina's growing popularity. Lavinia will continue to fight to remain on top but this time, Dorina won't take it sitting down. This will lead to a showdown between the two. With her growing popularity, who is the right man for Dorina? Noci, who moulded herinto a great star? Gary, who Dorina makes beautiful music with? or Oman, the loyal and trustworthy best friend? and what about Dorina herself? will she find true happines basking in the limelight of success? Dorina now knows her real parents at the last concert her emotions flow to the last song she is now once reunited with her family. Rosa Mia and Emilio  are now back together and everthings is back to normal but even through Adora's gone in the story there are life lessons learned in their lives and in the ending Nico for gives Lavinia, and Oman and Lavinia are now together.

    Billie was so closen to her dream on becoming a star but her parents and Laura had a whopping debt of 20 million pesos. if her parents don't pay they  will be sent to jail, even though sucess was just a hand away , Billie chose to hide with their family. When Billie decide to leave his childhood friend and secret love Vincent. There was an accident and Billie some how disappeared  and was reported dead due to the car crash with her parents, they went to a far away province where she met Fernando or Lando, who fell for her to tell he very quickly. Vince didn't want to believe that Billie was dead and wanted to find her to tell her taht he is always loved her.However his mother Eleanor and his manager Sharona are against it. 
        Eleanor and Laura used to be friends but their friendship was broken when Eleanor trough Laura run away with her money. So Eleanor will do anything just to find Billie's parents and send them to jail. Jean was happy living peacefully with Vince is no the rise of Stardom. But when Vince had a concert at the province where Jean was staying, the two met once found out that Jean and Billie were the same person and was ready to help her family. When will Billie choose? the man loved her as Billie or the man that her given?.

  Your song: Forever's Not Enough

     Mitch has trouble accepting her break-up with ex-boyfriend Waldo, especially. When he blames her strange behavior for the break-up. When she absentmindedly leaves her things in a cab, Jess return them to her. It looks  like the two are desired to be together. But a shocking medical diagnosis threatens their happiness.

  Your song: Perslab

  Marge and three younger brother when to a mall show of Cris. They meet and hindi na alis ang sa mata ni Cris si Marge at nagpunta sa birthday ng younger brother niya at doon nagsimula ang lahat. They a special relationship that a secret because of the older sister and manager of Cris.

        Your song: Carry My Love 
Francis is a spoiled rich bachelor who's perpetually bugged by his parents to get married as a result; he ask Pia, an employee of the theme park their family owns, to pretend that she's his finance, it he didn't count them actually faling in love!.

                   Your Song: Sweet Sixty   
  They say that you only live once, so better make the most out of it after all, not all of us are given a second chance, so it does seem prudent to cherish every  minute we've got, and live life to run out conflicts with her liberated granddaughter, Anna. After one their fights, Dona Rosing goes to her  yard to tend to her flowers. There, she gets spotted Bong, who ends up giving her a magical. Rose soon, Dona Rosing accidentally sheds a tear on the Rose which unexpectedly transforms their into a young Lady! shocked, Dona Rosing names herself Rose, and enjoys life with her new found youth and vigor, much  to the first ration of her granddaughter!.

                         MMK: Doll house

     Marie came from a broken family her parents separated when her mother found out that her father had an affair with and the woman she her mother Lucing and he elder brother, Marko moved out from their house and started living in rented houses. Despite of it , she was living comfortable life she was enrolled. In an exclusive school ang had what she needed, not knowing that her mother was having a hard time at work already. They started moving to different places form a fully furnished house, to more  cramped studio-type apartments, dealing with annoying land ladies and lords, fraternity riots in the neighborhood, drug addicts, and were even threatened to be thrown out of the house many times. Her mother tried to shoulder the financial weight for the house rentals and their tuition. Soon, Marko moved to live with their grandmother since he couldn't afford to live with them anymore. Marie was about to give up her studies when her mother pawned the only properly they had their house  and lot in the province. Eventually she was able to finish her studies. A midst hr family's  struggle with finding home, Marie realized the greatest lesson life. Gave her that a house is not a home if they would not stick together as a  family.

MMK: Kwintas

       Rose, a grocery store promodizer who has trust issues with boys, especially with chick boys, especially with chick boys like Jason, is a grocery promodizer, at lagi niyang kinukulit si Rose ligawan ito, at si Rose ay nililihim niya ang bahay nila at ang mga magulang na bakla at nalaman ni Jason at naging sila magkasintahan.

 SCQ: Kilig ako!
    Hesusarah is introdused a the late daughter of Ena the New Land Lady to Hero. In several occasions. Hesusarah sows fear in order to drive their tenant away even if her conscience bothers her washed out portrait and her room upstairs that is shown to be filled with costumes. Sarah pretends to be  secretary in front of them mirror extremely frustrated scaring tenants, she's desperated to land a decent job. Mama Ena disuades her because she's just a high school grand they visit the bank to beg for payment extension Hero & Helen offers Buko & Fried Chicken upon Ena's instruction whilst 'old lady' Sarah sell (for P20,00) a "prayer" booklet to Hero. Sarah does not lose hope &  tries her luck job hunting from taxi driver, call center operator & sexy waitress until she ends up picking up Hero's  P 100(~ US$2). Hero confronts & meets her face to face.
         Hesusarah returns the money to Hero and tells Mama Ena about the close encounter Ena reminds Sarah that one mistake and all their efforts will go to waste. Helen is face to face with hesusarah who throws up and makes her faint the tenants decide to temporarily leave. Ena will not keep her promise, she is bent on having the house rented again Hero is back and wants Ena to give back half the rent. A previous tenant arrives with polices to accuse her of being an ex-special effects master, who is out to scare. Away tenants confused Sarah screams and tries o scare them in broad day light. It does not work, the police figure out the 'ghost' behind the portrait. Crime does not pay. The house is figure out the 'ghost' behind the portrait. Crime does not pay. The house is for closed as a token  of her intention to pay, Hesusarah leaves a much treasured time piece from her father and asks for forgiveness from Hero and Helen, she promises to repay Hero. Joross recognizes Ena and Sarah outsides the church 'retailing' and brings them to his cousin who runs a mini-carnival. Ena is delighted & appears very familiar with carnival work. Sarah meets Japoy and his Uncle Lady Bea. Japoy overhears Sarah and Ena talk about their decent living & wish to stay on in the dark even if it will close soon. Ena rolls up her sleeves & performs a dangerous stunt with a very terrifieds Sarah as the subject. 

           Sarah tells Hero she is ready to make a partial payment because she rally likes to get back her father's watch. Here softens & tells Sarah he understands their situations & the payment can wait. Ena suspects Sarah is attracted to Hero & tells her. Ma Ena reiterates that she prefers Japoy because he is simple & better off than Hero. Lady Bea is very happy seeing Sarah's final number & determination. Japoy gives Sarah a present, for guidance & protection. Sarah meets up with Helen to make the amortization & boast of her cooking abilities. Since the park was closing, Lady Bea asks Ena & Sarah to stay on & Japoy shows them their place inside a warehouse where they will all stay. Snow brown a vistors make it to the closing number. Sarah gets an invitation from Melissa to work as a cook and brands her a multi-tasker. Hero was kind enough to return Sarah as most cherished watch even if she has not completed payment. Sarah wins Helen as trust to cook for the HEHE eatery although Ena and Japoy disagree and tells her that they are not comfortable with her employer. Sarah tries her best to cheer up Hero, she is branded a too talkative. Tired from work, Sarah skips the Chicken and Buko dinner. She however managers to cook breakfast for Japoy, Charles and Ena. Sarah goes to work early and she birngs Egg Sandwich for Hero. A soothsayer is unable to pay for her meal and instead, reads the future for Hero & Sarah. 

       Hero is a non-believer but Sarah seems to think that she is the a girl a that will make Hero fall in love again. Both argue over who would wash the dishes and hero accuses Sarah of trying hard to be funny and always taking things too lightly Sarah loses her cool and tells Hero it is no wonder that his girlfriend left him because he is not gentleman two drunks harass Sarah for money  and Japoy to the rescue. To be able to defend herself, Japoy teaches Sarah a few TRD lessons. Hesusarah arrives late for work after a late midnight snack. Hero suspect that Japoy is Sarah's boyfriend but she denies this. realizing that they are in a more fortunate situation, Hero apologizes to Sarah for his unkind words. Hero hands Sarah some flowers, which was, unfortunately, not for her but for the from Helen and appears to regret that she does not have her complexion. Hero's more open about his waning relationship with Sandy and may consider another chance to be happy. Sarah remains him of sooth sayer's prediction "Malay mo na sa tabi mo lang pala ang mag papasaya sayo." something to that effect. in bed that night, Sarah and Ena talk heart to heart about how fast time files and relationships Ena is obviously rooting for Japoy.

      Hero overhears Hesusarah talking to herself and boasting about her charm despite her darker complexion vis-a-vis Sandy. When she learns from her that he has long been stading in the corner, Sarah's reaction was patay!" Helen tells Hero that she likes Sarah and she is hopeful that Sarah could replace Sandy's place. Hero finds her cute but that's about it for now. meanwhile Ena continues to believes that Sarah has feelings for Japoy and reiterates that she had to change her gloomy look, Sarah prepares some champurado for Hero but he declines because this back a lot of memories. Hero gives his hankie to Sarah who in turns opens the store's desk fan. In the warehouse, Japoy confronts Sarah asks whether he is a fortune teller? Japoy tells her he is not blind. Upon hearing the rebuttal, Ena scold Sarah and asks her to resign from HEHE. She visit Helen  and Hero the following day to inform them that her decision is final, Sarah resigns from  the canteen. Helen tells Ena that Hero and Sarah are old enough to discuss love mattters. Helen will only accept the resignation from the applicant the end.

  Sarah The Teen Princess

     Sarah a religious loving daughter and an aspiring singer, turns out as the missing granddaughter of Don Vincent. The Teen Princess always aspires for better things for her loved ones. Mr. Dimagiba, Sarah's bestfriend (kuya) struggles to tell his true feelings for Sarah, Baste has writer many letters about his love  but as never given them to her. instead Sarah in several occasions, shows amazement for Cedric. From her humble roots, Sarah is drawn into this drastic lifestyle change which meant more danger & very little time for her loved ones. Her life's endangered by selfish relatives who are preoccupied  with inheritance. Uncle Marlon, Tita GK and Alice-the-trio-sucessfully deceives Don Vincent that she is no San Miguel. The Teen Princess fortune reverses & the trio Bebang total to pay for debts. 

       Sarah tries to hide her misfortune from her family pretending that everything is well Jasmine, Annie & Robin are her new allies in the mansion maid no more, Sarah moves back to her humble domain in Cubao. Mr. Dimagiba finally begins to woo The Teen Princess. He serenades Sarah several times in April. Sarah empathizes with her best friend when they find out that  the identity of O'Neal is Baste, but she unintentionally reads his letters & starts feeling different for him Sarah is haunted by a hired assassin. Who  instead, ends up helping her the second test results are out and




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